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  • Left Hand Drive Isuzu 4X2 5tons Refrigerated Truck
  • Left Hand Drive Isuzu 4X2 5tons Refrigerated Truck
  • Left Hand Drive Isuzu 4X2 5tons Refrigerated Truck
  • Left Hand Drive Isuzu 4X2 5tons Refrigerated Truck
Left Hand Drive Isuzu 4X2 5tons Refrigerated TruckLeft Hand Drive Isuzu 4X2 5tons Refrigerated TruckLeft Hand Drive Isuzu 4X2 5tons Refrigerated TruckLeft Hand Drive Isuzu 4X2 5tons Refrigerated Truck

Left Hand Drive Isuzu 4X2 5tons Refrigerated Truck

  • Isuzu Freezer Vehicle
  • Isuzu Cooling Van Truck
  • Isuzu Freezer Truck
  • Isuzu Refrigerated Truck
  • Product description: Left Hand Drive Isuzu 4X2 5tons Refrigerated Truck
Quick Details

left hand drive Isuzu 4x2 5tons refrigerated truck

Japan brand Box Truck 4x2 5T Small Refrigerator Box Truck specification:

Chassis Brand

Japan truck

Chassis Model


Steering Wheel

Left Hand Drive reefer truck body

Drive Train

4 x 2 reefer truck body

Cab Style

Single Cab refrigerated truck body

Seating Capacity

3 refrigerated truck


Manual Tiltable & Collapsible Steering Column; With Three Points Pre-Tensioner Seat Safety Belt; With AM/FM + AUX + USB Audio Device; With Fabric Seat Covers;  With 2 Audio Speaker; re


6,500 Kgs

Kerb Weight

3,000 Kgs reefer truck body

Rated Payload

3,500 Kgs reefer truck body

Overall Dimension

6.0m(L) x 2.0m(W) x 2.94m(H)


3,360mm reefer truck body

Max. Speed

105Km/h reefer truck body


7.00R16 x 7 reefer truck body

Front Track

1,504mm reefer truck body

Rear Track

1,425mm reefer truck body

ted truck body

Engine Brand

Japan brand

Engine Model

4KH1-TCG40 reefer truck body

Engine Emission

EURO 4/EURO 5 reefer truck body


2,999cc refrigerated truck body

Max. Power

88Kw (120Hp) reefer truck body

Max. Torque

290N.m refrigerated truck body

No. of Cylinder

4  refrigerated truck body

Key Features

Intercooled; High Pressure Common Rail Direct Fuel Injection; Waste Gated Turbocharger

Aluminum alloy vertical tilted side guard assembly optional reef

Global updated Style Cab re

Modern cab for maximum comfort in long-haul transport re

er truck bodyefer truck body

Truck Body Details

Truck Body
Key Features

ColdKing refrigerated body is made of all-closed sandwich structure panels, which is made by special technology to vacuum form complete panels. We use free-Freon molding polyurethane foam as inner insulation materials. The internal and external coverings are integral FRP sheets (fiberglass reinforced polyester), therefore, homogeneous construction (without any metallic reinforcements).

Truck Body Outer Size


Truck Body Inner Size


Roof/Floor Panel

105mm Thickness

Side Wall Panel

85mm Thickness

Front Wall Panel

85mm Thickness

Rear Door Panel

85mm Thickness

Panel Structure

All Closed Sandwich

Panel Insulation

FRP + PU Foam + FRP

Side Door Quantity

None, Optional

Side Door Location

None, Optional

Side Door Type

Single/Double Opening

Side Door Size


Rear Door Type

Full Size Double Opening Rear Door, Right Hnad Rear Door Open First

System Type

None, Optional

Front Space Temp.


Rear Space Temp.


Partition Wall Panel


Partition Wall Door


Multi-Temperature Pressure Relief Ventilation


Mulit-Temperature Adjusting Ventilation System


Truck Body Flooring

Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy T Type Airflow Flooring

Cargo Control System

None, Optional

Ceiling Light

2 (Two) Sets of 12/24V Multi-Voltage LED

Marker Light

2 Sets Of White LED On Front;
2 Sets Of Red LED On Rear

Ceiling Light Switch

1 (One) Set of Automatic Time-Delayed 12/24V Multi-Voltage Switch

Insulating Curtain

European Standard -40C PVC Strip Curtain System For Rear Doors

Refrigeration Unit         Service Ladder

Stainless Steel

Refrigeration Unit  Service Platform

None, Optional

Airflow Flooring

Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy T Type Airflow Flooring

Rear Door Assembly

Stainles Steel Rear Door Frame With Stainless Steel Lock Sets & Stainless Steel Hinges.

Refrigeration Unit

Refrigeration Unit Brand


Refrigeration Unit Model


Refrigeration Unit Type

Truck Engine Driven, Split


HFC R404a

Airflow Volume


Refrigeration Capacity
(+30C Ambient/Road )

2,000W (@ -18C)
3,300W (@ 0C)

Refrigeration Capacity
(+30C Ambient/Standby)

Available Optional


Automatic Hot Gas


Number of Cylinders


Max. Recommended Speed



5H16 Swash Plate Type



Optional Items

Hydraulic Tail Lift

Aluminium Alloy/Steel Platform Hydraulic Tail Lift Are Available

Cargo Control System

Smart & customized cargo Loading control system

Meat Hanging System

Heavy duty stainless steel meat hook & aluminum alloy rail for rapid & stable meat transportation

Roll carts

Roll carts for rapid and efficient loading, delivery and unloading goods. It was customized made according to inner dimension & configuration of refrigeration truck body.

Multi-Temperature Partition

Multi-temperature purpose longitudinally moveable, insulated transverse partition wall

Others & Note

Advantages and features:
1,Our refrigerated truck mainly used to transport fresh meat, frozen meat,vegetables,fruit,milk and seafood etc. Special   ones  can also transport chicks. Our truck has lots of advantages, flexible, easy to operate , efficient, large Carryings, safe and reliable.

2,The cargo body is adhered by glass epoxy and polyurethane foam materials with high-strength glue to make the cargo enclosed.
3,We choose domestic and import famouse refrigeration unit,such as Kingtec,Thermo King, Carrier, Mitsubishi and other international  famous brands.

If you have special demand of refrigerator truck, please contact with us. We may design and modify it for you. We also can add power steering and A/C for you.
Pictures of dongfeng refrigerator truck
Japan brand Van Truck 4x2 5T Small Van refrigerated freezer truck

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1: Refrigerated van truck body:
Truck body of our reefer truck makes full use of advanced and environmental protection material, includes polyurethane boards structure, fiber glass reinforce plast sheet, color coated sheet, aluminium*magnesium alloy plate used in inner and outer plates.
2: Refrigerator unit:
The refrigerator have USA brand optional, eg Thermoking, Carrier, Domestic brand optional, Korea Brand optional. Its temperature can be adjusted automatically.

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