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chinaIsuzutruck com,which is one of the leading truck compamy that cooperate with Japan Isuzu truck company with full Japan Isuzu truck technology many years.So the quality is no doubt.

We have a full scope special trucks which including the most trucks needed in the market like,Isuzu Road Sweeper Truck,Isuzu Garbage Compactor Truck,Isuzu Water Truck,Isuzu Sewage Suction Truck,Isuzu Fire Fighting Trucks,Isuzu Truck Mounted Crane,Isuzu Wrecker Tow Truck,Isuzu Aerial Platform Truck,water and foam fire vehicle...

As isuzu chasiss, we mainly do Isuzu 100P,Isuzu 600P,Isuzu 700P,Isuzu FVR,Isuzu FTR,Isuzu FVZ and VC46 these chassiss, which the chassiss are made in China Isuzu CHassiss company.

Also, if you want to try others chassiss like famouse brand Dongfeng,sinotruk,JAC,FAW,Iveco...we can do them too, we have good cooperation with them.

Then, if you have any truck enquirement about the special purpose needing, just a mail to us ( sales@runtrucks.cn) or contact Phone 86 18872992009 (whatsapp), we will be back to you soon within 24hours.



Contact: Benny Mei

Phone: 0086 18872992009

Tel: 0086 722 7113456

Fax: 0086 722 7113456

Email: sales@cl-spv.com

Add: Chengli Industry Zone, Suizhou City, Hubei Province, China

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